As a new mom, I bought every little trinket known to man for the baby. After a year in a half I have rid myself of 3 strollers and only use wagons. I have a small wagon for going to the mall or running errands and I have a large wagon for going to the park, the zoo, or anywhere I know I will need more room. We would like the opportunity to make your life easier by customizing a West Coast Wagon for YOU! No matter how old, your child will look great in a West Coast Wagon! And, yes Dads...we do have wagons big enough for Mom to pull you around in too!

If there is something special you need, we can get it for you! If your child is disabled, we can order a special chair for them! If you have an infant, we can secure a Graco or Evenflow base in the bottom of the wagon for you so you can snap the car seat right in! If you do not see a pattern you like, we will do our best to create it for you! So, to get the coolest wagon in town, call West Coast Wagons!

Call us at (818) 355-5571

We are located at:
424 N. Varney Street, Burbank, CA. 91502
By appointment only, please call: (818) 355-5571
(same day appointments available)

Why did we start West Coast Wagons?

This is Piper.

She was born with Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Visual Impairment. Her original diagnosis was that she would be "strapped down by Velcro in a wheelchair...," but we are NOT going to let that happen! At an early age, Piper began to dislike the stroller. She could not get comfortable, her toys would always fall off the short tray, and I could only load so much in the small pouch in the bottom. Inevitably, I would have a diaper bag on my shoulder, and all the bags I purchased in my hands and a screaming baby.

While hospitalized for 5 days, we came to find the only way to get Piper to fall asleep was to pull her around in a wagon that was donated to the hospital. We soon realized the wagon was the key. We could take Piper anywhere; she could sit in a chair, she could sit Indian style, she could lay flat and take a nap and we could put a ton of toys in the wagon for her to play with! The options were endless. With all the accessories available, we molded the wagon into the ultimate stroller-but better. I can store all my bags behind the wagon with the cargo net, I can load up the wagon with toys, I can attach her CD player, pull down her shade tent and no matter where we go, we have a comfortable and happy baby.

Best Wishes,
Tiffany, Duane & Piper

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